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News & Notice

How to use the online conference website
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▶ Prohibition of video and data leakage
 -It is forbidden to use or disseminate the presentation video and proceedings illegally, and violations of this may be legally punished.

▶ How to register and log in
-Lectures, videos, and presentations can only be viewed by logged-in users.
-Pre-registrants will receive the ID and password to access the homepage by email on the evening of the day before the event (May 26th).
-E-mail may be in the spam box, and if you have registered but have not received the mail normally, please contact Guhmok Publishing Co. (, 070-7443-4489/4495).
-For registration on the day, please contact the secretariat directly, not Guhmok Publishing Co.


▶ How to participate in live webinar
-Live webinar (May 27th, 13:00-16:00) will be held through ZOOM.
-Please sign up for the ZOOM site below in advance, and check the'Live Webinar' section for detailed access methods.
-You can sign up for ZOOM for free, and it is a video conferencing/webinar program most commonly used in universities and public institutions.


Thank you.