Young Scientist Lectures

Young Scientist Lecture

Young Scientist 1

Critical Factors Affecting Nutritional Composition of White-spotted Chafer (Protaetia brevitarsis) Larvae: Impact of Feeding Source

Youn-Kyung Ham (Sangji University)
2021-present: Assistant professor, Sangji University, Wonju, Korea.
2018-2021: Post-doctoral researcher and lecturer, Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, Jinju, Korea.
2017: Ph.D., Konkuk University. Seoul, Korea.

Young Scientist 2

Study on The Effect of Bioactive Peptide Derived from Hanwoo Protein for Preventing Hypertension and Neurodegenerative Disease

Seung Yun Lee (Chung Ang University)
2021-present: Associate editor in chief, Food and Life.
2019-present: Postdoctoral research associate, Chung-Ang Universitry. Anseong, Korea.
2019: PhD, Chung-Ang Universitry. Seoul, Korea.

Young Scientist 3

Protein Functionality of Edible Insect in Food System

Tae-Kyung Kim (Korea Food Research Institute)
2021-present: Post-Doctoral course, Korea Food Research Institute, Wanju, Korea
2021: PhD, Konkuk University. Seoul, Korea

Young Scientist 4

Biogenic Amines in Different Cheese Varieties from The Korean Markets

Sujatha Kandasamy (National Institute of Animal Science)
2019-present: Post-doctoral researcher, National Institute of Animal Sciences, RDA, Korea
2016-2018: Post-doctoral researcher, Pondicherry University, India
Ph.D: 2012, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu, India

Young Scientist 5

Organoids as Model Platforms to Investigate The Role of Probiotics in Gut Health

Miri Park (Korea Food Research Institute)
2021-present: Researcher, Korea Food Research Institute, Jeonju, Korea
2018-2021 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, USA
2018: PhD, Jeonbuk National University. Jeonju, Korea

Young Scientist 6

Applications of Different Types of Plasma-activated Water in Animal Origin Food Industry

Ki Ho Baek (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
2021-present: Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Materials Science. Changwon, Korea
2017-2021: Ph.D., Seoul National University. Seoul, Korea
2015-2017: M.S., Kangwon National University. Chuncheon, Korea
2009-2015: B.S., Kangwon National University. Chuncheon, Korea